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History of Kalor-Center Ltd.

Kalor-Center Ltd has more than 20 years experience in building combined heat and power plants with huge range of output, manufacturing the power producing units running on gas, biogas and diesel fuel. These days Kalor-Center Ltd specialized on manufacturing mobile diesel-generators with huge range of output power, building (EPC) or upgrading and re-equipment old Power Plants to modern CHPs and CCHPs.

Kalor-Center Ltd also has a status of official equipment supplier for hungarian NPP Paks.

Thereby, Kalor-Center Ltd is able to offer his clients full package of services in the  fast and optimized solution in designing, buliding, operating and safety of power generation capacities.

The company serves the great requirements, teherfore In the interest of the fulfilment of the high-level expectations, supplies the undermentioned activities in a head undertaking inside the energetics speciality:

-    energetics and boiler room reconstructions, treatments of gas engine and CHP power stations, reconditional planning and   realisation, usage of guarantee,

-    putting installed energetics systems into an overall firm,

-    the production of technological equipments and constructions, its mending and its correction welded

-    operation of installed systems, his maintenance,

-    purchase of authority permits, expert advice,

-    environment protection measurement.

The company takes action to the activity with necessary magisterial certificates and specialists with a suitable qualification, and with modern devices, machines. The company makes energetics investments on the area of all of the country. Several references prove the collective’s vocational preparedness, its reliability. Our company got accustomed to a designer’s and team of the executor takes action, all in engineering, architectural and electric branches.

The practical experience obtained in the planning of the energetics investments, complicating him and his implementation and a number reference support the vocational preparedness. A considerable practical experience is at our colleagues’ disposal on the area of the building engineering, energetics and a firing technique, which one investing contributes to the quality of our references.

The vocational up-to-date of our colleagues insured with the continuous in-service trainings, that essential to the fulfilment of the qualitative, vocational and environment protection requirements getting stricter continually.

Kalor-Center Ltd, although all is with a Budapest seat  makes energetics implementations on domestic and international markets.

Our company’s technical background, our depot:

Our company’s centre Budapest with an own property, X. Maglódi road in a three tier building under 6. number can be found. Onto the production, concerned onto storage our suitable depot Budapest, X. Kada street we were acting under 149. number.  The production hall with an own property Kada street on 4200 m2 of area can be found, with a floor-space of 1600 m2 and with a headroom of 15 metres. The hall to the equipment of a basis suitable machines concern metal shaping with a big performance, concerned two pieces 10, and a piece of bridge crane with a bearing capacity of 15 tons. The shirt shaping is an assured with own devices until 20 mm of thickness in the course of our productions.


The core business operations at the present:

  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) services
  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management and Distribution Services